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human emotion.

No two humans are the same; therefore, no two projects are the same. Everything we invent begins with discovery to understand who we’re inventing for and what they need most.  

01 Reimagining Pediatric Clinical Trials with Clinical Companions

Clinical Companions is a revolutionary, patient data trial platform designed to increase compliance and retention in pediatric clinical research while at the same time creating more empathetic, human experiences for pediatric patients. The platform leverages our 11 years of expertise designing therapeutic robotic companions for children to help change patient behavior while delivering delight. Make your trials more human(e).

02 Solving For Empathy with Custom Inventions

AI-driven, screen-based apps are everywhere, including healthcare. But is that really the best way to approach human care? At Empath Labs, we believe healthcare requires a human touch – and we’re using advanced robotic therapeutics to do just that. Invent with us to create a custom solution for your needs.

03 Learning Through Empathy with Custom Workshops & Events

Shifting towards a more patient-centered culture begins with exposing teams to new experiences and ways of thinking. Interested in helping your teams put patients first? Work with us to create a workshop or event for your organization.