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Getting started

Welcome to Rufus the Bear's World! The Rufus, the Bear with Diabetes® powered by Breakthrough T1D™ mobile app is a free download:

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Is my device supported?

Rufus the Bear is built to be compatible with a ride range of mobile devices. Rufus the Bear supports iPhones and iPads running iOS 11.0 or later, and the vast majority of smartphones and tablets running on Android 4.4 and later.

Game icons

Understanding the game icons:

Home World. This is Rufus' home planet!

Settings. The Settings icon allows you to toggle music and set of Rufus’ target blood sugar range.

Magnifier. Augmented reality play with Rufus the Bear!

Rufus' House. Prepare a plate of food in Rufus’ kitchen and tap the dinner bell to feed Rufus.

Storybooks. Tap on the picnic table to open Rufus’ stories and follow Rufus’ journey training for the All Star Games.

Navi. Navi is Rufus’ bus and personal trainer! After reading each storybook, Navi will assign a set of tasks to unlock the next storybook.

Handwashing. Tap on the handwashing station to wash Rufus’ hands. You can also wash Rufus' hands from the magnifier.

Isabella. Isabella is Rufus’ sister. If Rufus is high or low, Isabella will share a hint about how to care for Rufus.

Cori the Mailbox. Sometimes Rufus gets mail! Cori will notify you when new letters arrive.

Using the app with Rufus

When you first open the app, Ava the bird will introduce you to Rufus' world. After Ava's walkthrough, you'll be asked for permission to use your camera to enable interactive augmented reality play with your Rufus the Bear plush. You can change this in the "Settings" screen.

How to care for Rufus

The Rufus the Bear app works with any Rufus the Bear, or any favorite stuffed animal!

If you’re using the app with a Rufus the Bear that has interactive patches, the camera on your mobile device will automatically recognize the patch to launch Rufus’ diabetes tool kit. Scan Rufus’ hands to use the glucometer, or the patches on his legs to use the insulin pump! You can use the “free scan” filter to explore any patch, or first select a tool like the “glucometer” and you’ll find that it will only scan on the relevant patches!

If you’re using the app with your “Classic Rufus” or any favorite stuffed animal, first select the tool you’d like to use, line up the patch or body part in the outline, and then tap on the tool icon to take a photo with your camera and launch Rufus’ diabetes tool kit!



Free Scan


Insulin Pen

Insulin Pump

How to scan Rufus' patches

Rufus' patches scan best when viewed head-on with the camera about 5 inches (12 cm) from the plush, and centered in the view!

Having trouble scanning Rufus' patches? Here are some tips:

  • Make sure you are in a well-lit room
  • Try tapping the patch on the screen to focus the camera
  • Turn on the flashlight for low light conditions by tapping the flashlight icon
  • The patches read best when they appear about 5 inches (12 cm) on the screen of the device. Try moving the camera closer or farther away from Rufus to accomplish this.
  • Try tilting the patches at slight angles to the camera

You can also use the guided modes to select a tool from Rufus’ diabetes care kit, and capture a photo of Rufus!

Report a bug

Find something strange? Email us at to report any bugs! Let us know if it is preventing you from playing with Rufus! We always try to get back to you within 4 business days, often sooner!

Ideas and feedback

We welcome any suggestions for how to improve Rufus the Bear! Let us know what you think at